Video - UW Nephrology Women in Research

Women researchers at the University of Washington Division of Nephrology share insights about their projects and passion for kidney research.

Video - UW Nephrology Fellowship Program

Learn about the unique and rigorous experience at UW Nephrology Fellowship. Conversations and insights from faculty and fellows in Seattle.

Video - Kidney Chips in Space

Jonathan Himmelfarb with the UW School of Medicine and Ed Kelly with the UW School of Pharmacy explain the benefits of running experiments in space and how this will bring answers to us here on earth.

Video - Stem cells and kidney tissue

Dr. Benjamin Freedman, UW Nephrology Assistant Professor, talks about exciting advancements in how stem cells from patients can be used to create new kidney tissues and develop new treatments for kidney disease.

Video - Kidney-on-a-chip

How does kidney-on-a-chip work? Edward Kelly, UW Associate Professor, explains.

Video - Wearable Artificial Kidney

Dr. Jonathan Himmelfarb, UW Medicine Nephrology, gives context to the first clinical trial of the Wearable Artificial Kidney, a device intended to ease dialysis for people with end-stage renal disease. The trial is conducted at UW Medical Center in Seattle.

Video - Advocating for patients with kidney disease

Dr. Suzanne Watnick (UW Nephrology), ASN Policy & Advocacy Committee Member, discusses the importance of advocating for patients with kidney diseases with Dr. Daniel Weiner, Quality Committee Chair.

Video - Improving treatment for kidney patients

UW researchers are improving treatment for people with kidney disease. Watch the video with Catherine Yeung, UW Research Assistant Professor.

Video - Mini-kidney organoids

Dr. Benjamin Freedman discusses his laboratories latest work on mini-kidney organoids. His research group was able to produce organoids with some of the characteristics of polycystic kidney disease, including the formation of cysts. The organoids are revealing information about the progression of the disease, as well as factors that contribute to kidney cyst formation.

Video - A pocket-size revolution in kidney research

With a unique device called kidney-on-a-chip, researchers at the University of Washington School of Pharmacy and UW Medicine hope to change what we know about kidney function and create a brighter future for people with kidney disease.

Video - The history of Northwest Kidney Centers

Dr. Jonathan Himmelfarb directs the Kidney Research Institute, a collaboration between Northwest Kidney Centers and UW Medicine. Hear about his early days at the Kidney Research Institute and his work in kidney research.

Northwest Kidney Centers: an oral history

NKC has touched many lives since 1962 and the founding as the first dialysis organization in the world. Hear from some people who helped make NKC what it is today.

Video - Allen Institute Cell Shorts: Illuminating the kidney

In the Allen Institute series "Cell Shorts," see how Beno Freedman and his colleagues at the University of Washington are using our publicly available human induced pluripotent stem cells to study kidney disease and regeneration.