American Society of Nephrology

ASN research and training opportunities.

Kidney TREKS (Tutored Research and Education for Kidney Scholars)

Kidney TREKS consists of a one week residential course, Origins of Renal Physiology, plus membership of the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) and a travel stipend to attend the ASN annual meeting.

The Origins of Renal Physiology Course is an intensive laboratory summer short course held at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine. The week is an unparalleled opportunity to study the classic experiments which underlie the basics tenets of renal physiology. It is a fun, hands-on week with supported travel and accommodation.

The week is organized around several research modules that examine all aspects of kidney function. Modules include: water homeostasis, salt homeostasis and secretion, acid/base homeostasis, glomerular function, and personalized medicine and genetics. In each module, classical experiments using model systems (toad, zebrafish, roundworm, shark, Xenopus oocyte) are combined with modern molecular techniques.

Course: June/July (exact dates TBD)
Deadline: usually 3rd week of January
Information contact: Ashley Jefferson MD FRCP, Division of Nephrology,

Kidney STARS (Students and Residents) program

Kidney STARS is held at the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) national meeting (held in the Fall). Program highlights include a networking reception, "Meet the Expert" sessions with nephrology leaders, a guided tour of innovative research abstracts, and breakfast with mentors. In addition, all accepted participants are matched into small groups led by a faculty or fellow mentor.

The grant supports travel and accommodation.

Course: Fall
Deadline: July 
Information contact: Ashley Jefferson MD FRCP, Division of Nephrology.

The Student Scholar Grant

The ASN Foundation for Kidney Research Student Scholar Grant is to enable medical students with an interest in either basic or clinical research to spend 10 to 52 weeks engaged in continuous full-time research in a nephrology lab. The student must work with a mentor that is a current ASN member.

Grant support: $500 per week, plus $1500 travel stipend to attend the ASN national meeting.

Deadlines: March (for projects starting between May 1 and October), September (for projects starting between November 1 and April 30).
Information contact: Ashley Jefferson MD FRCP, Division of Nephrology.

UW School of Medicine

Nephrology research opportunities available as part of the UW School of Medicine.

Medical Student Research Training Program (MSRTP)

The MSRTP program is a full-time, 10-week summer research project between first and second years under the supervision of a faculty mentor with a stipend of $4500.

Participating students will present their work at the School's annual poster session, and submit a final paper in standard scientific format. Nephrology Faculty will submit a number of basic science and clinical science research proposals for you to consider.

How to apply:

Contact: Kellie Engle, Director of Curriculum, Academic Affairs, School of Medicine
Phone: 206-616-7063; Fax: 206-616-3341
Course: Summer
Deadline: early January

UW Division of Nephrology Student Grant

The Division of Nephrology has a limited number of research grants to support medical students interested in a Summer 10 week research experience in either basic research or clinical research.


1. Must perform full-time research with a mentor that is a current Faculty member of the UW Division of Nephrology
2. Must be enrolled as a medical student in good standing at a US or Canadian medical school

How to apply:

Candidates should submit the following materials:

  • Project Proposal (no longer than siz pages)
  • CV or resume
  • Faculty mentor letter of support

Course: Summer
Deadline: March 1
Information contact: Ashley Jefferson MD FRCP, Division of Nephrology.