Center for Innovations in Cancer & Transplant 

Center for Innovations in Cancer and Transplant

Integrating healthcare and research to transform the lives of people with cancer and organ transplants

Christopher Blosser, MD

Dr. Christopher Blosser and the CICT team, along with the Kidney Research Institutes's Glenda Roberts, were selected for the American Society of Transplantation (AST) Transplant Visionaries Challenge for their work in establishing the Center for Innovations in Cancer & Transplant.

The video presentation won a $1,000 prize for highlighting the Center's potential in moving the field of transplantation forward.

About the Center

In order to catalyze multidimensional research related to cancer and organ transplant, Dr. Blosser and team members established the Center for Innovations in Cancer & Transplant in 2021 at the University of Washington, in collaboration with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, Washington.

The goals of the Center 

  • To provide outstanding multidisciplinary clinical care for pre- and post-transplant patients with cancer.

  • To lead exceptional patient-focused research of cancer before and after organ transplant through a robust bioregistry and collaborative research network.

Center for Innovations in Cancer & Transplant

Video entry in the Transplant Visionaries Challenge

American Sociey of  Transplantation ~ Transplant Visionaries Challenge

The AST selected 5 entries to compete live during the Transplant Visionaries Challenge. Finalists were selected based on whether the project is novel, broadly applicable, and has potential for success in moving the field forward. Each finalist presented how their project/program has improved or will potentially improve innovation or measurable outcomes in the field of transplantation.