Marilyn Farquhar Award for Podocyte Biology

2021 recipient, Dr. Stuart Shankland

The prestigious award is given to recognize a researcher’s achievements to date whose discoveries and insights have significantly impacted podocyte biology.

13th Podocyte Conference, University of Manchester, UK
Dr. Shankland is Professor of Medicine in the Division of Nephrology at the University of Washington, and is the Belding H. Scribner Endowed Chair of Medicine. Formerly, he was the head of the division for 16 years.
Dr. Stuart Shankland, MD, MBA, FRCP
Dr. Shankland is an internationally recognized educator, and a National Institutes of Health funded leader in basic biomedical research dedicated to investigating glomerular disease at the bedside in order to ultimately benefit patients. He studies kidney regeneration, responses to kidney injury in disease, how potential therapies might impact outcomes at a molecular level, and how aging impacts kidney biology. The Shankland Lab is located at the South Lake Union campus. Dr. Shankland is affiliated with the Kidney Research Institute and the Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine.
The Marilyn Farquhar Award is given in honor of Dr. Farquhar, who was a pathologist and cellular biologist who was a pioneer in her field. Her research focused on control of intracellular membrane traffic and the molecular pathogenesis of auto immune kidney diseases. Her discoveries in basic biomedical research include mechanisms of kidney disease, organization of functions that attach cells to one another, and mechanisms of secretions.
Nominees for the award are judged on past accomplishments, research excellence, and academic achievements. Academics from all over the world are nominated for the award. The award is presented at the Podocyte Conference.