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UW Nephrology faculty member and Chief Medical Officer at Northwest Kidney Centers, Dr. Suzanne Watnick talks with KOMO News about the epidemic of diabetes and obesity that increases the risk of kidney disease.

SEATAC, Wash.--Chronic kidney disease kills more people than breast or prostate cancer in the United States. Now considered an epidemic, it is a growing issue in Western Washington. The need is so great that NW Kidney Centers is expanding its operations by 20 percent to meet the need. In addition to expanding in South King County, the organization is adding itsr first clinic in Pierce County, in the city of Fife.

Collectively, the clinics already provide more than 30 dialysis stations. SeaTac is what has kept Retired Army Reserves Col. James Manning at one of those stations, three times a week for four hours each time. "The most important aspect of being on dialysis is learning how to live with it and not letting it affect your life,” said Manning.

Read the complete article by Denise Whitaker and watch the video here.

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