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New director of Kidney Research

Healio Nephrology

The Kidney Research Institute has named Ian de Boer, MD, MS, as its new director following the 14-year run of its founding director, Jonathan Himmelfarb, MD.

“This transition to a new Kidney Research Institute (KRI) director provides an opportunity to continue to enrich the KRI’s bonds with key stakeholders, refocus KRI goals and embark on new directions to enhance kidney research and the lives of people living with kidney disease,” de Boer, told Healio. “We’ll take time to reassess priorities as a team. Certainly, there will be a continued focus on innovation and research that leads to meaningful improvements in patients’ lives.”

Quote from Ian de Boer

According to the press release, de Boer served as the associate director of the KRI since 2016 and is well known for his research on diabetic kidney disease and vitamin D metabolism. In addition to his contributions to the KRI, de Boer is deputy director of the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology and co-chair of the international KDIGO Clinical Practice Guidelines for Diabetes Management in Chronic Kidney Disease.

When asked if there will be any changes to expect from the KRI, de Boer told Healio, “The KRI has an incredible opportunity at this time to make major advances in research culture, using innovative approaches to integrate research into clinical care to enhance impact and serve as a model for the field. In particular, the KRI registry, the KRI Patient Advisory Committee, our commitment to patient engagement and the KRI’s unique relationship with Northwest Kidney Centers will allow the KRI to redouble its efforts to accomplish its stated vision that ‘every available patient with kidney disease will be informed about, participate in, and benefit from research.’”