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Bill Peckham, Northwest Kidney Centers’ emeritus Board of Trustees chair and maybe the nation’s most famous dialysis patient.

Bill Peckham

Bill was one of the most active and prolific advocates for people who have kidney disease today. He defined surviving and thriving with CKD. He volunteered his time for many years serving as a board member for Northwest Kidney Centers, and lived a full life during his years on dialysis. Bill wrote a blog of his experiences called From the Sharp End of the Needle, a regular read for people in the worldwide kidney community.

Bill started dialysis in September 1990; he lived 28 years because of dialysis therapy. He died on Jan. 18, the birthday of Dr. Belding Scribner, inventor of chronic dialysis therapy.

A celebration of life for Bill Peckham will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 24 at Northwest Kidney Centers Seattle clinic, 548 15th Ave., at the corner of Cherry St.

Read more about Bill and his amazing journey, and watch the video of Bill's life and his advocacy for dialysis patients.


Bill Peckham, dialyzing while rafting the Grand Canyon