Portable dialysis for end-stage renal disease

The Washington Research Foundation (WRF) has awarded a technology commercialization grant of $230,052 to researchers at the Center for Dialysis Innovation (CDI) in Seattle.

Dr. Jonathan Himmelfarb
The grant will support the development of proprietary technologies by Drs. Jonathan Himmelfarb, professor (Nephrology), Bruce Hinds, and Buddy Ratner, to enable portable dialysis and improve quality of life for patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD).


“By applying 21st century advances in engineering and materials science to the problem of treating kidney failure, CDI teams are developing new technologies for a spectrum of dialysis applications,” said Himmelfarb. “This grant from the Washington Research Foundation will accelerate our lead technology, targeted for incorporation in our envisioned wearable device, which we call the Ambulatory Kidney to Improve Vitality or AKTIV.”

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