Delivering high quality, patient-centered, compassionate, and evidence-based care to patients with acute and chronic kidney disease who require dialysis therapy.

UW Outpatient Dialysis Program

B.H. Scribner
Dr. Belding H. Scribner

A tradition of excellence

Long term outpatient dialysis for kidney failure began in Seattle by our first UW nephrology division head, Dr. Belding H. Scribner. We continue to uphold the tradition of excellence and innovation in providing dialysis care to patients with kidney failure in our community.


 Our team of providers oversee the care of patients who receive long-term dialysis in community-based facilities in the greater Seattle area, whether in-center hemodialysis, home peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis. We care for many patients within the dialysis facilities without requiring them to come to our offices.

Community Leaders

Several of our physicians serve as leaders in the care of dialysis patients in our community – one leads the Renal Supportive Care Program to provide palliative care to patients undergoing dialysis in Northwest Kidney Centers facilities, two are members of the Medical Executive Board of the Northwest Kidney Centers, and five serve as Medical Directors of dialysis facilities.

Training and Education

The physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses and administrators in our dialysis practice meet monthly to share complex problems our patients are experiencing, and review the literature to ensure our practice remains at the cutting edge of providing treatment for our patients.

We are committed to training the next generation of nephrologists in the science and the art of delivering medical care to patients undergoing long-term dialysis. Training in management of patients undergoing long-term dialysis is a key component of the two-year fellowship in nephrology. In addition, we offer the opportunity for trainees to do an additional one-year specialty training focused exclusively on dialysis.


Dialysis Program Medical Directors

Arthur E. Anderson, MD

Arthur Anderson, MD
Director, Outpatents Dialysis 

Medical Director, Burien Kidney Center


Yoshio Hall, MD
Director, Nephrology Fellowship Program
Medical Director, Scribner Kidney Center
Interim Medical Director, Harborview Kidney Clinic

Daniel Lam, MD

Daniel Lam, MD
Medical Director, Harborview Medical Center Palliative Care Services
Palliative Care Medical Advisor, Northwest Kidney Centers

Matthew Rivara, MD

Matthew Rivara, MD
Medical Director, Elliott Bay Kidney Center


Brendan Shannon, MD
Medical Director, Everett Kidney Center