The Glomerular Disease Center of Excellence is located at UWMC Montlake

Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from glomerular diseases

Dr. J. Ashley Jefferson and a team of nephrologists, renal pathologists and renal nurses provides the most up-to-date clinical care available for glomerular diseases. They are committed to serving regional providers and their patients in Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho.


The Glomerular Clinic team recognizes that the challenges posed by any glomerular disease are unique to each patient. As a result, there is a strong focus on educating regional providers and patients on how current clinical care guidelines may apply to their case, and whether alternative and newer therapies may be considered in the plan of care.


The Glomerular Disease Center of Excellence and Clinic joins national and international efforts to better understand and treat glomerular diseases. In union with the Kidney Research Institute, we offer cutting-edge clinical trials in glomerular diseases to patients.

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