The Kidney Heart Service is located at UW Medicine Montlake

The Kidney Heart Service provides consultation on kidney diseases that occur in the context of cardiovascular disease.

This inpatient and outpatient consultation service focuses on specialized care of patients with concomitant kidney and heart disease.

The KHS is staffed by Dr. Nisha Bansal, Director, with Dr. Nayan Arora and Dr. David Mariuma

Dr. Nisha Bansal on the Kidney Heart Service:

"We are delighted to launch the specialized Kidney Heart Service. The number of patients with concomitant kidney and cardiovascular disease continues to grow.

The management of these patients is complex and our patients benefit greatly from more focused and coordinated care.

We are also very excited that this clinic will serve as a basis for ongoing and future research studies.”

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University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, WA