UW Kidney Transplant Program provides comprehensive and compassionate care for people with end-stage renal disease.

Our Kidney Transplant Program performs numerous transplants each year; well above the national range of procedures performed at other U.S. kidney transplant programs during the same period.

The largest Kidney Transplant Program in the Pacific Northwest

Our highly experienced multidisciplinary team lead by surgeons and physicians has optimized the steps of evaluation, listing and transplantation.

UWMC has highest increase in rate of transplantation in our area

Patients at our institution are 42% more likely to receive a kidney transplant than the national average.

Unprecedented growth in kidney transplants at UW Medicine:


Best Safety Record in the Nation

A collaborative approach to comprehensive transplantation care and optimal organ utilization have benefited our patients with exceptional graft survival results.

3 year graft results are superior to any transplant program in the country

Patients experience a 65% lower likelihood of graft failure compared with the national average.

Lowest graft failure in the United States:


UWMC Transplant Clinics

University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC)

Dr. Christopher Blosser with patient
Dr. Christopher Blosser with patient

The University of Washington Kidney Transplant Program offers pre-transplant evaluations and post-transplant care. UWMC also offers a Living Donor evaluation.

Transplant Services appointments: (206) 598-6700

Harborview Medical Center (HMC)

Harborview Medical Center provides post-transplant care clinics to those who have already recieved an organ transplant.

Renal Clinic appointments: (206) 744-8998

VA Puget Sound Health Care Systems (VAPSHCS)

The VA Puget Sound provides post-transplant care clinics to those who have already received an organ transplant.

Appointments: (206) 277-3052

UWMC Transplant Program - Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR)

SRTR Report

UWMC is the only kidney transplant program with both patient and allograft survival at 1 and 3 years after transplantation that are statistically superior to the US national average. 

UWMC graft survival is 96.97% at 3 years, versus the national average of 88.96%

National studies show that outcomes are significantly better for patients who receive living kidney donations.

United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS)

UWMC selected to participate in the Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network as part of UNOS project to study effective practices at highly selected, model hospitals. 

UNOS - United Network for Organ Sharing. Working together. Saving lives. Our mission is to advance organ availability and transplantation to support patients through education, technology and policy development.


Kidney graphic

UW Kidney Transplant Program

Shorter wait times

Among our kidney transplant candidates, half had received a donor organ 35 months after being placed on the wait list. Nationwide, it took 54 months to achieve the same portion of kidney candidates transplanted.

Map of the USA

Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients

Superior patient outcomes

Our kidney transplant patients' three year graft survival rate, 94.49 percent, exceeded that measure of patients nationally, 87.28 percent according to the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) most recent data.