Research presentations by a selection of our UW Nephrology Faculty, listed alphabetically.

Video - The Role of Complement in Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the world. The roles of the immune system in many forms of kidney disease, including hypertension, is unappreciated. The complement system comprises a fundamental response to inflammation and infection, yet if not controlled, it will lead to severe disease.

Video - Current recommendations for managing hypertension in diabetes

Editorial Board member Jay Shubrook and lead author on the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) 2017 Position Statement on diabetes and hypertension, Ian de Boer, summarize key updates to the recommendations for practitioners in the United States.

Video - Impact of CKD on cardiometabolic disease

In this video perspective, Dr. de Boer discusses the connection between chronic kidney disease and cardiometabolic disease.

Video - Living in an Artificial world

Tens of millions live with artificial devices from the total artificial heart to a wearable kidney. What's new on the horizon?

Video - Dialysis Modality and Patient Outcomes

Discussion of the merits of peritoneal dialysis (PD) with those of hemodialysis.

Video - Kidney Disease in African Americans

The Science in Medicine Lecture Series, established in 1976 as a means of recognizing and honoring notable UW School of Medicine faculty research achievements and providing an opportunity for researchers to be apprised of findings outside of their immediate fields.