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A Guide to Conservative Kidney Management

Treating Kidney Disease Without Dialysis

Authors: Susan P.Y. Wong, MD, MS, and Taryn Oestreich, MPH, MCHES

Funding was generously provided by the: National Palliative Care Research Center

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This Guide is for People with Kidney Disease Who:

  • Want to learn about a treatment program that does not involve dialysis
  • Need help deciding among treatments for kidney disease
  • Cannot receive or do not want a kidney transplant

This Guide may also be helpful for caregivers and loved ones who support you and are involved in your care

This Guide Describes:

  • What kidney disease is and its effects
  • What conservative kidney management is and what to expect
  • The pros and cons of dialysis and conservative kidney management
  • What happens if you change your mind about your treatment choice
  • What to think about as you decide about your treatment options
  • What others say about conservative kidney management

This Guide is a first step to understanding conservative kidney management. Talk with your health care provider for more details about your kidney disease, what you can do about it, and your treatment options.

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