Cancer and Organ Transplant Clinic

Finding a personalized solution to optimize each patient’s treatment so they can go on and live their lives

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The Cancer and Organ Transplant Clinic (COTC), led by Dr. Christopher Blosser, clinical professor of nephrology, offers a place for patients to meet with world-class cancer specialists and organ transplant experts. This multidisciplinary approach addresses the complicated questions surrounding immunosuppression, transplant care, and cancer therapy. The goal is to provide answers to the patient and their referring provider and ensure that the plans for continuing care are aligned.

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“I was inspired to start the Comprehensive Cancer and Organ Transplant Consult Clinic by the need and ability to address transplant patients’ challenges with cancer. This is a new concept in multidisciplinary care - To address each person’s situation, we bring together oncologists for their cancer and specialists for their organ transplant. We meet with the patient to address their questions and their goals; nobody receives a cookie-cutter solution. Our goal is that the patient and everyone on the care team are aligned.”

Christopher D. Blosser, MD

— Christopher D. Blosser, MD

Clinical Professor
Director, Cancer & Organ
Transplant Clinic (Fred Hutch - UW)
Director, Kidney Transplant Transition of Care Clinic (Seattle Children’s - UW)