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Our outpatient clinics provide person-centered kidney care at the forefront of new treatments and research

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Outpatient Kidney Clinics

J. Ashley Jefferson, MD

UW Medical Center Montlake

J. Ashley Jefferson, MD
Section Head, UW Medical Center Montlake 


Subspecialty Clinics:


Subspecialty Clinics:

Diabetic Kidney Clinic

Glomerular Disease Clinic

Kidney Heart Clinic

Kidney Liver Program

Onconephrology Clinic

(206) 598-4615
(206) 598-6267


Transplant Clinic:

Pre- and Post-Transplant

Contact: (206) 598-6700

Leah Haseley, MD

Harborview Medical Center

Leah Haseley, MD
Clinical Professor
Section Head, Harborview Medical Center


Subspecialty Clinics:

Chronic Kidney Disease Care

Hypertension Clinic

Kidney Genetics Clinic

Kidney Palliative Care Service

Post Transplant Clinic 

Contact: (206) 744-8998

Yoshio Hall, MD

VA Puget Sound Health Care System

Yoshio N. Hall, MD, MS
Section Head, VA Puget Sound Health Care


Subspecialty Clinics:

Hypertension Clinic

Post Transplant Clinic

Chronic Outpatient Dialysis Program

Contact: (206) 277-3052

Fionnuala Cormack, MD

UW Medical Center - Northwest

Fionnuala Cormack, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Section Head, UW Medical Center Northwest

Director, Outpatient Dialysis, UW & HMC

Interim Director, Inpatient Dialysis, UW


Kidney Stone Center

Contact: (206) 668-5215

SCCA/Fred Hutch

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

SCCA and Fred Hutch have merged into a unified adult cancer research and care center.


Cancer and Organ Transplant Clinic (COTC)

Contact: (855) 557-0555